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Croley Funeral Home - Gilmer


Croley Funeral Home - Gilmer Croley Funeral Home was established in 1883 by J.F. Croley.

Mr. Croley purchased the Croley Hardware Company in 1890 and began an undertaking business as part of the hardware store services. In 1920, a partnership was formed to run the business, and in 1933 the Croley Burial Association was formed.

Croley Cook, nephew of J.F. Croley, built a new funeral home in 1946-1947. The structure included a chapel with a seating capacity for 200 people. A larger chapel was built in 1979 and the facilities were renovated. To this day, the company continues to serve the community.



Croley Funeral Home - Gladewater


Croley Funeral Home - Gladewater was established in 1995. Croley Funeral Home has been serving East Texas since 1883.

As further service to the community was needed,the decision was made to establish Croley Funeral Home - Gladewater.